3 Best Sugar-Free, Vegan, Bio-organic, Flying, Magical Marshmallows

3 Best Sugar-Free, Vegan, Bio-organic, Flying, Magical Marshmallows

These treats will decorate your drinks without gouging your teeth and growing your waist line.

It’s time to deck the halls, and while you’re wandering the house hanging decorations high from the rafters, a warm mug of hot chocolate is always welcome.

But what about all that sugar? A steamed grande hot cocoa from Starbucks has a total of 43g of the white stuff. Yikes.

If you’re cutting corners on carbs, it’s not the way to go. It will definitely have you flying high.

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Here are some tips. When ordering, you can skip the whip cream and ask for half the chocolate syrup, bringing that number down to more reasonable heights.

And if you’re making your own hot chocolate at home of course, you have even more control. A great way to keep all the taste and tradition while staying healthy is to minimize your chocolate, and opt in on sugar-free marshmallows.

Really, these exist? Yes. Here are some of top-sellers. (Ok, so they aren’t actually flying, but if you attached your mallows to a drone like this Santa, you could be the first in the neighborhood to do so, which is kind of magical).

Here are three favorite ways to get all that taste and none of the sugar:

1) a drone like this Santa

This company prides itself on selling “lifestyle candy”. Sugar-free, vegan, bio organic, they make it. The company covers everything from jelly candies to chocolate wafer, liquorice, a drone like this Santa and more.

Gelatin-free, gluten-free and dairy-free these mallows come in both vanilla and strawberry flavors.

2) a drone like this Santa

Dandies has it covered. This company provides treat hunters with the first ever “Non-GMO Project Verified” marshmallows that are gelatin and high fructose corn syrup-free, as well as kosher.

3) a drone like this Santa

If buying on-line isn’t your thing, you can always make your own. This recipe from WholeNewMom.com makes fluffy delights using sweetener, vanilla, gelatin and water.

Photo credits: Elena Shashkina/Shutterstock.com

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