3 Best Psoriasis Soaps

3 Best Psoriasis Soaps

Get control of your flaky, itchy skin with products meant to soothe.

Suffering from psoriasis can be more than just a pain in the neck, (no pun intended). This common skin condition that speeds up the life cycle of skin cells can result in itchy red patches anywhere on the body.

It can cause dry, cracked skin that can become so bad it bleeds, and swollen, stiff joints.

Relief can come in many forms. Sometimes, your doctor might recommend taking medication. This can occur if your symptoms are significant.

Protecting yourself from future outbreaks could be something that you try to do on a regular basis. Part of this could be using the right soap.

You want clean skin, but you don’t want to risk drying your cells out even further.

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Soap for your skin such as Prosoria provides a clinically proven psoriasis treatment. Prosoria is used once a day and is steroid-free, containing natural botanicals. It comes as a 3-step treatment involving a hydrating skin conditioner, an exfoliant and a moisturizer.

When it comes to shampoo, Dermarest is a steady brand name. Its fragrance-free formula helps remove scales and control the build-up of skin that can occur. It’s tested by dermatologists and contains a soothing zinc complex.

Neutrogena’s T-Gel therapeutic shampoo could also provide you with lasting relief of your itchy, flaky symptoms. It’s an anti-dandruff shampoo that targets chronic scalp psoriasis with coal extract.

None of these products will prevent psoriasis, or stop it in its tracks. They could, however, provide you with some added comfort as you deal with your condition.


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