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Doctors Check Online Ratings From Patients...

Many physicians are wary of bad reviews from disgruntled patients... Read more

May 19, 2014

Docs seek to stifle patients’ rants on Web sites

Depending on who’s writing the rating, a certain New York plastic surgeon is either... Read more

January 13, 2010

Can You Trust Online Doctor Rankings?

For years, Ved Kawatra had excruciating pain in her shoulder: arthritis had taken... Read more

December 4, 2008

How to find a doctor online

Traditionally, people have found doctors by word of mouth: Find someone you trust... Read more

April 17, 2008

When the Doctor Is in, but You Wish He...

Joanne Wong's doctor correctly figured out what was wrong with her. But he would... Read more

November 30, 2005

As Angry Patients Vent Online, Doctors Sue to...

Doctors have long accepted that their patients share opinions about the care they... Read more

September 14, 2005

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